Chairman’s Message

One of the underlying keys to success in any business is earning the confidence, respect, and trust of key stakeholders. Regardless of the name we use or the business we’re in, we all must share the same high standards.

At the Private Office of Sheikh Ahmad bin Faisal Al Qassimi, our stakeholders range from customers, to investors, to community leaders, to our fellow employees. As our Group of company grows and evolves its operations, it is crucial that we continue to promote a favorable and lasting impression of the Group in the minds of everyone with whom we interact.

With this goal in mind, we developed a Code of Conduct manual that complements the Private Office’s Values to help employees and directors clearly understand the high ethical standards required for employment at, or association with the Private Office and the Group of companies.

Together with the Corporate Values, the Code of Conduct should guide every interaction we have with our stakeholders and serve as the benchmark for how the Private Office is perceived in our community.

We have formed a team at the Private Office that is the best with their continued commitment to the highest ethical standards and professionalism to make us an even stronger Group in the years ahead.

We have a clear vision in establishing strategic alliances, strengthening relationships of business, or in the implementation and export of products or services into Dubai and other markets.  The common denominator of most of our clients is their establishment in Dubai to build successful businesses.  In this context, we are a channel that allows us to generate for our clients, regardless of the sector, a successful introduction and growth in the Dubai market.