CEO’s Message

Message from CEO

Dr. Salwa Abdulaziz Zein

“The world is fast changing, we are interconnected and gone are the days when the boardroom was all male. I am by no means the only female CEO, but I am the first as the CEO of a Royal office. My ambition is not just to represent this office and its stature but to also be a role model for the upcoming generations, supporting the youth and homeless. Our office is a conduit for many businesses into the Middle East and African region and beyond and our collective capacity is our key differentiator.”


Dr. Salwa started early on in life helping her parents to run their businesses. During childhood and growing up she had a lot of international exposure due to travelling with her parents on their business trips and political affiliations. Her passion for business grew from early age and quickly developed her into a serial entrepreneur

She is passionate about her mission to make a difference in this world. Through her many charities she is offering social assistance to help financially challenged rural communities around the world. She is part of charities that empower
communities to overcome hardships and enhance well being of people.

Strategy, Focus and Impact

Dr. Salwa realigned the investment strategy with focus on structuring direct investments with her partners into various Government infrastructure projects and private developments, worth tens of billions of dollars.

The project pipeline ranges from renewable energy generation plants, (green) oil pipelines, (green) oil storage, satellite cities, tourist ports, light industrial production plantsand real estate.

She is owning and managing multiple businesses with various governmental entities across sectors such as Health, Energy, Education, Sports, Agriculture, Technology, Oil and Gas, Mining, Renewable energy and Manufacturing.

Key emphasis is being put on projects that will have a transformational and social impact in line with individual countries’ growth strategies and vision.

A strong business acumen, world-wide connections among Leaders and Royalty in the Middle East, Africa and beyond, Dr. Salwa supports to build the image of the prestigious and receptive Royal office and its enormous assets with the ambitions to making UAE a “Center for Commerce”.

SDGs and ESGs form the foundation for her way of doing business.

Vision and Executive profile


“As we are facing uncertain times, and at times like this, it is imperative that deeper partnerships are formed across borders to ensure that peace prevails. Even though we, the business community do not ultimately make the political decisions, we certainly make the financial ones and our collective agenda can force through peace in this volatile times”

Executive profile

  • CEO of the Private Royal Office of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed Bin Faisal Al-Qassimi.
  • Resilient entrepreneur: she has owned and managed multiple businesses with various governmental entities across sectors.
  • She is launching into Fintech and Crypto currency.
  • Founding member on Board and Chair lady to successful companies not just in Africa and GCC but has a strong global presence as well.
  • Philanthropist.
  • Investor.
  • P.D.C. in Global Leadership and Management.